The ‘Next Up’ blogs featured on RepresentGrime will be an ongoing series of articles where I will give my own insight into who I believe is a hot prospect in the UK music scene.

To kick off the series I have chosen the very raw and authentic mc, Isaiah Dreads. If his dreadlocks aren’t memorable enough, I’m pretty sure his art will stick clean in your memory. After becoming familiar with Dreads through the Facebook cult ‘The Basement’ I was immediately engaged with his skippy flow and raw content.


At only 17 years old he is already making big movements with a set at Reading Festival just this weekend, which has come through with an extremely positive response. Earlier this year he dropped his mixtape, titled; ‘Nothin But A Mixtape’. The project contained some cold tracks, but personally ‘Wait For Me’ was the tune that got me engaged and hot onto Dreads’ movement.  You can listen to wait for me and the mixtape in full below:

Mark my words, Isaiah is onto big things this year and I am looking forward to seeing how he progresses.


Stormzy shuts down 1Xtra Stage at Reading 2015!

Stormzy, 22 year old UK Grime artist, performed a 40 minute set on the 1xtra Stage at Reading Festival 2015.

With a large amount of the performance being streamed on his snapchat feed it is safe to say that his performance was one not to miss. The feed was over 200 seconds long and previewed performances of previously released freestyles and big tracks such as Not That Deep, Shut Up and Know Me From.

There is a big hype around the London based artist and it is definitely deserved. After seeing him live in Birmingham in April this year I can speak for myself and many others when I say he is a force to be reckoned with in the UK Grime scene. His energy and passion when on stage is a key reason why he has took the game by storm these past 2 years. The previews of his latest performance on his snapchat (Stormzy1) only strengthen my views.

Things are getting bigger and better for Stormzy this year and it is clear he is only going to continue to blow up.