FRESH: Can Bugzy come back? @OfficialChip vs @TheBugzyMalone

In the past week Chip has come at Bugzy with 2 fresh new tracks, ‘Run Out Riddim’ and ‘Hat-Trick’. The latter, in my opinion, is the better of the two.

Chip is really showing his experience in the game with these tracks. His clever word play and skippy flow, is a lot more effective than Bugzy’s aggressive approach to the beef. It is evident that Chip isn’t taking the whole thing too seriously, but every body knows that when Chip works on something it isn’t going to be bad. The Tottenham born MC has been around the grime scene for long enough to know how to approach this situation, and it seems like he really has got the better of Bugzy this time.

There is no doubt that Bugzy is a hard MC, and he really has blown up since the beginning of 2015. He was turning heads with his Spitfire 12 months ago, and since that point he has only moved up in the scene. Some would say that the Chip beef is what got Bugzy’s name so big, but anyone who knows grime will appreciate Bugzy for his talent. When Chip talks about Bugzy making a name from his career, it is purely for the music.¬† Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 20.04.25

It will be interesting to see whether Bugzy can come back from this. Chip has definitely showed his talent over the years and has only added to his reputation with these tracks. Bugz has shown he is more than capable of putting Manchester on the map, and he can deal with Chip’s sends, but will he come out on top?

Link Up TV dropped a video where they discussed with a number of MC’s who they think is winning so far. Let me know who you think is winning, and who will come out on top.


@OfficialChip sends for @TheBugzyMalone with ‘Light Work’

Yesterday, Chip responded to the Bugzy beef with fresh new track ‘Light Work’.

With the delayed response taking 5 months come it was definitely worth the wait.

But, Bugzy clearly had a different outlook on the situation.

Screen Shot 2015-09-12 at 15.42.38

With the Manny MC making light of the situation, it would only be natural to expect a quick response from Bugz, and it definitely needs to have some big content to comeback to this.

With the beef that took the grime scene by storm at the beginning of the year, me, personally can’t wait to see where Light Work takes the situation. Will Bugzy respond? Will there be an influx of sends from other artists? Comment to let me know what you think of the response.

You can watch the video on GRM Daily’s channel on YouTube at the link below:

FRESH: Skepta – The Tim Westwood Mix

At the end of July this year Skepta informed us that he has been working with Tim Westwood on a mixtape. We learnt this from his interview with Rosenburg where he discussed the reasoning behind his decision to delay Konnichiwa.

The mixtape is a compilation of Skeppy’s old tunes, recently released tunes and he has given us some new material aswell. It is refreshing to here how his sound has developed and to compare the old to the new. The link to the mixtape is below:

You’re lucky to be hearing this on the internet. Initially, Skepta wanted it to be a physical mixtape, and it was..for a short period of time. The King of the UK Grime scene was handing out copies of the mixtape on the streets of New York. This just shows how authentic he is as an artist. Doing it the old fashioned way just shows that despite him blowing up worldwide, Skepta isn’t losing his roots.

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 19.04.04

Enjoy the mixtape and feel free to share your views with me.

FRESH – @JMEBBK drops new track and video to ‘Test Me’

Yesterday JME dropped one new track yesterday titled the ‘The Very Best’. He also released visuals for ‘Test Me’ which features at track 15 on Integrity.

After dropping his album¬†exactly 4 months ago today he is showing everyone that he’s not playing. It appears he has kept himself busy in the studio and he certainly hasn’t failed to deliver with this new fire track.

‘The Very Best’ is heavily focused on Pokemon, where JME spits about only catching the ‘very best’. But, lyrical content aside the beat and JME’s flow are no other than what we expected. He never fails to impress.

Many of you have more than likely already heard ‘Test Me’ but with visuals dropping there will be a lot more attention geared towards the track. This track, for me, is much more appealing as a grime fan, as he spits over a traditional grime beat. His flow is, again, very hard.

You can pree the new track and video for ‘Test Me’ below.

HOT: Section Boyz – Lock Arff

Yesterday Section Boyz dropped there latest track ‘Lock Arff’ from their album ‘Don’t Panic’, which is expected to drop on iTunes on 18th September.

Kaylum Dennis from Link Up TV came through with some hard visuals for the video, which was matched by each and every spitters cold flow. When listening to Section Boyz I find myself trying to find the so called ‘weak link’. This is something I struggle with with every play of a Section track. Not one member of the clique falls short. For a group with such a diverse set of flows it is extremely impressive to combine them all and make them work.

The release of this track, which features at Track 9 on Don’t Panic, has got me eager for the drop of the album. With them already running riot with the scene so far this year, the release of their album is only going to help them progress even more.

You can watch the video below:

You can also pre-order the Section Boyz album from the links below:

Feel free to comment below and give me your thoughts on Section’s progression and their upcoming album.

FRESH NEWS: Novelist leaves The Square!

Earlier today the upcoming fresh MC, Novelist, announced on his personal twitter account that he has departed from the rap collective ‘The Square. The screenshot of the tweet below gives his reasoning behind this massive decision.

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 17.08.31

At only 18 years old to remove himself from what could be considered a ‘comfort zone’ is an extremely bold statement. But, there is no doubt about his talent and it is certain that he will not only cope, but strive on to be a big name in the UK Grime scene for years to come. It is well known that Nov is currently producing his album and has been putting in work for some time. The rapper has strong connections with Skepta who has brought through Nov after showing an interest in his talent earlier this year. He also has links with other big names in the grime scene, such as Stormzy. I recently saw the two of them at Ibiza Airport after performing at W.A.R, a show put on at Ibiza Rocks Hotel.

Like Novelist said he is too young to be carrying other peoples careers, especially when he is making serious noise himself in the UK and internationally. It will be exciting to see where Nov takes his very raw and traditional sound.

Personally, I believe this is a step in the right direction, not just for Novelist, but the UK scene on the whole.

Below is Novelist’s set on the Rinse FM stage at this weekend’s Notting Hill Carnival. Towards the end of the video there is a preview of an exclusive track from his eagerly anticipated album.

Feel free to comment and let me know what you think of Novelist’s choice to leave The Square.