NEXT UP: JORJA SMITH (@jorjasmith_)

Jorja Smith is an 18 year old Singer Songwriter from Walsall who is currently based in South London. When she’s not working at Starbucks, she’s focusing on perfecting her sound and delivering fantastic pieces of art to us all.┬áSmith has took the internet by storm this past week, and is now being played on one of the UK’s biggest radio stations. After releasing new single ‘Blue Lights’ she has received support from people at the top of the music scene all the way back to her hometown.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 18.05.35.png

The talented artist has been developing her sound for 2 years now and she kept us waiting, but it was more than worth it. Her hot new track has it all. Lyrically it takes us on a journey through modern society which allows almost every listener to relate in one way or another. Whilst the content is engaging, Jorja’s powerful voice is what really stands out to me.

With the likes of Skrillex, Stormzy, Novelist and Elf Kid all expressing their appreciation of her art, there is no doubt that Jorja is going to blow. Personally, I’d like to hear what a Jorja x Stormzy track would sound like?

There is definitely big things in the pipeline for Jorja, and me, like many others cannot wait to see what she’s got to give us.

You can listen to her latest single ‘Blue Lights’ below:






FRESH: WS SIDE – Phundo Art, Dan Oddysee, Mellow, Waveyy Daily, CITY OF GXD

A hot new innovative collective have rose to the forefront of underground music and they’re really making noise.

This talented collective have combined a variety of styles to body this raw beat. The way in which every artists approaches it with a different style gives a real positive vibe to the track on a whole.

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 18.45.30.png

After yesterday’s drop from the talented clique, where they linked up with Vital, they’re not taking any passengers and are really hitting us quick and heavy with these bangers. They’ve definitely got bigger and better things in the pipeline.

Props must be given to Read The Title who put work in directing, filming and editing the video.

You can watch the video below:




FRESH IN: WHITE IVERSON REMIX – Vital (@Vital0), Phundo (@Vasedick), Read The Title (@ReadTheTitle)

Vital, Phundo and Read The Title recently linked up to put together a fresh spin on Post Malone’s ‘White Iverson’. The trio definitely do the track justice and all come through with big verses.

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 18.41.56

This link up is really putting the West Mids on the map. With Vital and Read The Title both being from Wolves, they linked up with Phundo who is turning heads in Walsall. All three artists compliment each on this beat and we can expect bigger and better things to come our way real soon.

Keep your eyes peeled for more music tomorrow as Phundo and the West Mids crew plan to drop ‘WS Side’.

You can view the latest track ‘White (Version Remix)’ at: