Track Of The Week: @JorjaSmith – Blue Lights (Mistakay Remix) ft. @Eyez_UK , @KannanScumFam

After Jorja Smith’s popular track ‘Blue Lights’ was remixed by Mistakay, Eyez and Scum Fam’s Kannan thought it was necessary to add a couple verses and jump on a remix. Personally, I thought it would be difficult to do the original justice with a remix or alternate version, but Mistakay’s version was complimented well by Eyez and Kannan. The duo delivered a series of heavy verses which gave another dimension to the amazing ‘Blue Lights’.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 18.05.35.png

Artists all across the UK have been busy as of late and this week has seen a number of big tracks being released, but for me this remix has to be given Track Of The Week. It was extremely difficult to produce a track of such of high quality when the original was so successful, but this did not phase Eyez or Kannan and they definitely delivered with this one.

You can check out the original and both remix’s below:

Jorja Smith – Blue Lights:

Jora Smith – Blue Lights (Mistakay Remix):

Jorja Smith – Blue Lights (Mistakay Remix) ft. Eyez, Kannan:


HOT: @AJFromTheLane links up with @CharlieSloth for his Fire In The Booth

Last night Charlie Sloth brought the highly talented AJ Tracey through to the Saturday Night Rap Show on 1Xtra to deliver a cold Fire In The Booth. His very distinctive flow and clever word play was complimented by 2 sick instrumentals. The skippy flow that AJ threw at us left social media in awe of his freestyle. The kids up to something.


As of late AJ has been making a lot of noise in the UK scene and has been letting everybody know he’s got a lot of talent to share with us. The West London rapper has already got quite a strong catalogue of bangers, with big tracks such as Naila, Spirit Bomb, Trapsuit and he  recently dropped a heavy EP labelled ‘Alex Moran EP’. I’d highly recommend checking out the EP, which you can download for free from his website. If his flow isn’t heavy enough for you he’s linked up with some majorly talented artists on tape, such as Jammz, Merky Ace and Big Zuu.

AJ From The Lane recently dropped a Link Up TV #MicCheck where he gave us ‘Packages’. After being active as of late all of this hard work is gaining him a lot of love and I’m sure he will soon be reaping the rewards very soon.

You can check out his Fire In The Booth and #MicCheck below.

Fire In The Booth:

#MicCheck :

Aswell as this, you can keep up with the West London rapper on social media at:

Twitter: @AjFromTheLane

Instagram: @ajtrcy




@SectionBoyz_ bring out @Skepta and @Drake

Last night was possibly one of the most game changing dates for UK music.

If you brought a ticket for Section Boyz sold out show in Shoreditch last night you definitely got your moneys worth. For £11.50 you got to see Section Boyz, Skepta and October’s Very Own, Drake. They weren’t lying when they said there would be special guests. The crowd thought they were being treated when Skepta stepped on stage and performed a number of his top tracks, little did they know that Drake had rushed over from performing with Rhi Rhi to make a special appeareance at the Sectioned tour. When they subtly brought him when ‘Jumpman’ dropped the crowd took the roof off the Village Underground.


To bring out a global superstar to perform at an underground UK event is massive, not only for the grime scene but the UK’s music scene in general. We all know that Drake and Skepta have formed quite a strong bond over the past year or so, with Drizzy even get the BBK emblem tattooed on his skin. If that doesn’t show his love for the UK then I don’t know what does. He has also made it quite evident that he is reppin’ the grime scene through a number of posts on social media and when he brought out Skepta at last years Wireless Festival.

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 18.46.56.png

Other than respect it is difficult to see what Drake would be gaining from bringing through UK artists. And that is what makes all of this even better. Something that I have learnt from the grime scene over the years is that to be successful you need to be real and true to yourself, and it is blatant for all to see that Drake is being exactly that. He clearly has a love for the art and is using his platform to bring the likes of Section Boyz through.

When everyone was sending social media crazy over the events that took place Drake thought he would add to the whirlwind and let us all know that he has signed to Skepta’s label, Boy Better Know. I cannot wait to see what art they’ve got planned for us, and this has certainly made the future of the grime scene even more exciting.

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 18.36.50.png

Personally, I am ecstatic for all of the original grime heads and the new generation of artists that this nation is producing. The scene has come a very long way from Jammer’s basement, and it just goes to show that hard work and perseverance can see you reach whatever you want.  Congratulations to Section Boyz, Skepta, Drake and everyone involved in the UK music scene right now, you’re breaking down doors and will continue to do so for years to come.

You can watch the madness that occurred last night over at Link Up TV or the official Section Boyz YouTube channel. Link below:

NEW: @Official6ix7 ft. @OfficialGiggs – Lets Lurk [@LinkUpTV ]

The freshest upcoming clique in the UK scene, 67, have linked up with UK legend Giggs. This collaboration is definitely one of the biggest moments of the year so far and with 67’s work rate you’d be mad to say that they aren’t going to make some serious noise this year.

67 have had a big year already with a heavy series of Link Up TV Mic Check’s which were well received amongst listeners. Many members of the crew have worked on solo tracks and have all been putting in work both individually and as a collective. There is some serious talent amongst this movement and I am excited to see what they’ve got in stall for us.


With the likes of Giggs bringing them through and working with them this is only going to enhance their sound and open more doors for them to express their talent.

As for the platform they’re working on, Link Up TV must be given props for bringing a large number of tracks and sets to our screens. Link Up themselves have had a busy start to 2016 and have been working hard to deliver us the freshest new sounds.

You can pree the heavy collab between 67 and Giggs below, just click the link:

UPDATE: @OfficialChip vs @YungenPlayDirty

It’s getting very heated now, and the whole situation is moving at 100mph.

In 24 hours, Yungen has responded and Chip had everyone up all night anticipating his response. If you took Chip’s advice and didn’t go to sleep, then I feel sorry for those of you who had to be up and active this Monday morning.

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 18.07.35.png

And to rub salt in the wounds..after everyone stayed up, Chip dropped it on us that it was coming at 9am.

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 18.07.45.png

After Chip’s ‘Michelle Riddem’, Yungen hit us with the ‘Oopsy Daisy Riddem’, which could end up getting pretty political between Chip and Link Up. For me the ‘Oopsy Daisy Riddem’ was where Yungen really came at Chip and attempted to expose him. He talks about how he promised Krept and Konan that he wouldn’t send for him, and then did. Yungz also goes on to suggest there is a snake in Chip’s circle. There’s been talk about whether it is Jammer who is the snake. But he shut that one down before anyone had chance to talk too much. So who is it then?

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 18.06.21.png

Yungen did go in on his latest diss and showed everyone that he is not one to be tested, and I think that Chip isn’t going to come out on top of this beef as comfortably as he has in the past. The Play Dirty member seems to have a lot of info about Chip, e.g living in Essex etc.  This saw Chip needing to really pull out all the stops to get one over on Yungz. But we all know Chip has been in the game long enough to know how to deal with this one.

This morning Chip finally delivered his response and gave us ‘L’. Worth the wait? Some might say not, due to the delay. But forgetting all the minor details, Chip has definitely matched Yungen’s send.

‘L’ has got this beef ting real political now. Very early into the track Chip delivers the bar ’67 are on your clart, and you aint on nuttin’. Yes, clever word play and to make it all the bit more interesting Chip has draw the very raw and talented 67 crew into the situation. It’s believed that 67 came at Yungen, and Chip has just lifted it to the surface. Will Yungen dare to go at the crew? Or will he just stick to beefing Chip?

At the end of the track Chip warns Link Up that they either need to take down the ‘Oopsy Daisy Riddem’ or pay him some money. After all it is his track?

The past 24 hours have been mad. It’s not only took Twitter by storm, but the grime scene in general. Krept has spoke his views, Jammer has been involved, 67 have been drawn in, and we haven’t heard the end of this beef and we will all be eagerly waiting to see whats next. Chip’s twitter suggests that the beef isn’t going to escalate? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 18.26.20.png

You can view the latest diss tracks from both artists in the links below.

Yungen – Oopsy Daisy Riddem:

Chip – L (Lil’ Clive Diss 2):





BEEF: @OfficialChip vs @YungenPlayDirty

Chip’s at it again and decided to cook up another beef with South London MC, Yungen. After releasing his One Take freestyle it was evident to all listeners that the bars were directed at the Play Dirty member, Yungen. After the drop of Yungen’s track ‘Comfy’ back at the start of the month, Chip clearly felt it necessary to come back at the bars which he felt were coming at him, even after the Twitter feud that took place shortly after Comfy’s release.

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 13.38.32.png

Yungen responded to Chip’s diss with a 1 hour warning to remove the video, followed by a series of reminders to let him know how long he had left. Obviously Chip didn’t back down, but the warnings from Yungen are an extremely brave and powerful message to let him know he isn’t playing…and he definitely proved that when he released ‘Punk’, labelled the ‘Shitmunk diss’.

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 13.34.13.png

There was not one discrete bar and Yungen gave Chip his views, and backed them up with some pretty strong evidence. As soon as the track begins Yungen has ripped Chip’s ‘Fire In The Booth’ where he discusses his track ‘Pizza Boy’ which featured Meek Mill, then switches to a Meek interview where he struggles to remember Chip’s name. The young powerful MC kicked his diss track off from early and flowed in with some heavy, and very real bars.


It didn’t take Chip long to get a response in. Despite Yungen’s powerful diss track, Chip showed that whatever facts Yungen had to throw at him, Chip can take them all in and still come back with something equally as strong. In the ‘Michelle Riddem’ Chip gives off a heavy vibe that Yungen was influenced by Chip and followed his footsteps. With a ripped interview of Yungen bigging up Chip and then talks about how Yungen jumped on ‘Pepper Riddem’, an ‘In2 Remix’ and also filmed the visuals for ‘Punk’ at a petrol station, which Chip did first.


It’s definitely early days in this feud, and to see two young powerful MC’s, from North and South London, going at each other with nothing but raw talent and bars is only going to bring positivity to the scene.

Chip’s clearly prepared for this beef, but not to worry because Yungen’s cooking something up to come back at the ‘Michelle Riddem’.

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 13.59.32.png

Large up GRM Daily and Link Up TV for providing the platform for two of the diss tracks.

You can check out all the sends from both MC’s below.

Yungen – Comfy:

Chip – One Take Freestyle:

Yungen – Punk (Shitmunk Diss):

Chip – Michelle Riddem (Lil Clive Diss):

Yungen – ….to be released.

Comment to let me know what you think about this beef and the diss’ that have already been put out there. Who do you think will come out on top? Is it gonna top the Chip vs Bugzy saga?





Return of Risky Roadz Cypher: @Novelist , @Skepta , @OfficialChip , @JammerBBK and more.

Risky Roadz is back, and it’s back with a serious cypher. With some huge names. past and present, you will not be disappointed when you listen to it.

Novelist opens the cypher, recorded on his 19th Birthday,  with a very powerful and raw flow. His skippy flow opens the cypher and instantly gets you gripped into his flow and the traditional grime beat. I feel the way Nov flowed in was extremely loud and showed what Risky Roadz is and always has been about. Sick, traditional grime music.


The structure of the cypher really opens your eyes as to how far grime has come since it’s come up back in 2004.  There are a number of throwback clips from 2004 off the original Risky Roadz cyphers. For example, it shows clips before Skepta and Jammer spit. I feel it powerfully illustrates the journey of grime music and the unity within the grime scene now. With Old Skool Mc’s bringing through New Gen MC’s. All the artists from all era’s compliment each other and the versatility of the cypher shows how many powerful, different styles there are within our scene.

Who caught my eye? – An obvious one. Chip. Although he is proven within the grime scene he is in my eyes, what I would call an early graduate of the School of Grime. He has still got time on his side but he has been about from the early days. He showed real character, as per usual,  and spat his bars with an extremely powerful flow.

Other than Chip, I was engaged the most to Koder. Someone I have never listened to before. As soon as he began to spit I was engaged into his skippy flow. He provided some seriously strong content to the cypher which was more than matched by his skippy flow.


I feel this cypher was a powerful message from some of the early grime heads to show that it’s still in touch with it’s roots, and it always will be. It’s extremely refreshing to see artists from all era’s flowing together and showing the nation the unity within the grime scene.

You can check out the cypher below, and feel free to comment and share your views.