@SectionBoyz_ release visuals for 2 heavy tracks in less than 24 hours!

Not only did they deliver fire last night with Dig Dat, they have just released visuals to their new track with Carnage labelled ‘Bimma’. They’ve been putting serious work this year, and it doesn’t look like their work rate is gonna slip any time soon.

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 18.08.29.png

Last night they delivered ‘Dig Dat’ with the visuals again, on point, from Kaylum Dennis. Not only did the visuals bang, but as per usual every single Section Boy bodied the beat. Will one of them ever slip up? I highly doubt it. The talent and passion each and every one of them carries for their music is second to none and if they continue to deliver heat like ‘Dig Dat’ then they’re only going to continue to grow.

So, when we were all just starting to vibes to ‘Dig Dat’ the Section thought they’d throw us another banger with ‘Bimma’. They’ve linked up with Carnage for this one, and it’s definitely going to have you playing it on repeat.

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 18.14.30.png

This banger see’s Inch come through first and definitely set pace for the remainder of the track. With the instrumental having heavy bass it was matched by Inch’s heavy delivery. For me this track is not something you’d expect Section to come out with but, it definitely works.

It’s most certainly Section Season!

Check ‘Dig Dat’ and ‘Bimma’ below:


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