@BigTobzsf links up with @GRMDaily for a big ‘Daily Duppy’

The fresh East London MC Big Tobz has linked up with Posty and the crew at GRM to deliver a fire ‘Daily Duppy’.  He’s been making a lot of noise as of late, with big tracks such as ‘Uno My Style’ , and a link up with Paigey Cakey for a remix of Bryson Tiller’s ‘Exchange’. Not only has he been racking up the views, but his fan base called for the full track of ‘Believe In Your Barber’ to be released although I’m lead to believe that was never the intention. Big Tobz has evidently got a lot of love on the streets and is beginning to get the recognition he deserves.

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 17.40.34

Credits: @BigTobzsf [Instagram]

The big man’s ‘Daily Duppy’ is full of punch lines which will have you pulling up the track on a number of occasions. The all round talent in this episode of GRM’s Daily Duppy is second to none and I’m sure we can expect to see a lot more talent coming from Big Tobz in the near future.

Check it out below.


FRESH: @YoungsTeflon – Pain Is The Essence [REMIX]

The talented Youngs Teflon has delivered that heat to us by jumping on a cover of the timeless classic by Dubbz and Giggs.

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 17.56.18.png

Youngs came through with some very sick visuals brought to us by Danny Streetz and a very sick flow. Not many would attempt to do a classic like this justice, but he tried, and succeeded with flying colours. Was there ever any doubt?

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 17.49.07

This release came in order to push his latest mixtape ‘March Madness’ which is a must listen. The mixtape consists of 13 heavy tracks and is available over at ‘Mixtape Madness’. If you like good music then I’d definitely advise everyone to check it out.

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 17.56.56.png

You can check out the cover and download his latest mixtape below:


@HardyCaprio drops fresh new track ‘Love Song’

Fresh new artist, Hardy Caprio, has gave us a sneak peak into what we can expect from his upcoming project by delivering the exceptional ‘Love Song’. After giving us ‘Jezebel’ ,which has racked up over 40,000 views in a month, Hardy Caprio is letting everyone know that he’s next up and isn’t playing any games with this rap ting.

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 17.28.12.png

Caprio has got an extremely sick flow and his word play is second to none. If he can maintain this level of consistency then he’s definitely going to be onto big things this year. After releasing the video yesterday Hardy stated that he didn’t expect ‘Love Song’ to collect so many views and he only expected it to get 2,000. It’s about time you started raising your expectations. If he thought this banger was only going to get 2k then what has he got in store for us on this next project? Personally, I can’t wait to see what he’s been whipping up in the studio.

You can check out the video to ‘Love Song’ below, and don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for his CD.

@SectionBoyz_ release visuals for 2 heavy tracks in less than 24 hours!

Not only did they deliver fire last night with Dig Dat, they have just released visuals to their new track with Carnage labelled ‘Bimma’. They’ve been putting serious work this year, and it doesn’t look like their work rate is gonna slip any time soon.

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 18.08.29.png

Last night they delivered ‘Dig Dat’ with the visuals again, on point, from Kaylum Dennis. Not only did the visuals bang, but as per usual every single Section Boy bodied the beat. Will one of them ever slip up? I highly doubt it. The talent and passion each and every one of them carries for their music is second to none and if they continue to deliver heat like ‘Dig Dat’ then they’re only going to continue to grow.

So, when we were all just starting to vibes to ‘Dig Dat’ the Section thought they’d throw us another banger with ‘Bimma’. They’ve linked up with Carnage for this one, and it’s definitely going to have you playing it on repeat.

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 18.14.30.png

This banger see’s Inch come through first and definitely set pace for the remainder of the track. With the instrumental having heavy bass it was matched by Inch’s heavy delivery. For me this track is not something you’d expect Section to come out with but, it definitely works.

It’s most certainly Section Season!

Check ‘Dig Dat’ and ‘Bimma’ below:

NEXT UP: An interview with upcoming artist, LECS BLVCK [@LecsBlvck]

Earlier this week I caught up with promising new artists Mabutho Mkoba, more commonly known as Lecs Blvck. He is a 20 year old from Coventry who is currently studying at Birmingham University. A man of many talents, when he’s not studying Lecs is putting serious work into his music, and his clothing brand, Solsupply.

After being put onto his work I was immediately engaged to his track ‘No Lie’. With this track he ventured into a area of underground music which is very hard to create a professional and distinctive sound. But, unlike when listening to similar sounds there was something about this guy that really stood out to me. Whether it was his individuality or just his sound in general that engaged, I knew I had come across someone with serious talent. It was at this moment that I got in touch with him and decided to learn a little bit more about him.

Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 16.09.23.png

RG – Represent Grime

LB – Lecs Blvck

RG: What influences your sound and style of writing?

LB: Artists like Kendrick Lamar, King Krule, Frank Ocean influenced me when it comes to lyricism and paying attention to the content of my language and playing with it. Other Artists like Tory Lanez, Bilal etc helped me to pick out a bit more vibe in it which touches your soul when listen to melodies.

RG: Who did you grow up listening to?

LB: I was exposed to everything from a young age, from rock, pop, rob, hiphop etc. Mainly from the age of 15 my cousins put me on a lot of stuff and allowed me to open my mind a little bit more, they put me on on the whole TDE crew, Odd Future, Flatbush Zombies, a bit of grime, mainly Wiley, The Underachievers etc. From there I built on it and started listening to a lot of King Krule. Now I still listen to all of them but mainly trap, i’d say since this past year Mike Ray put me on that due to his upcoming project ‘Trap Ba$in’, which is a different kind of trap. Remember it’s TrapBa$in, not just trap.

RG: Where did your inspiration come from for ‘No Lie’?

LB: ‘No Lie’ is based on a true story, all my songs are based on true stories and events that took place. For ‘No Lie’ I just wanted this girl to know how I feel, since I’m not so good at expressing myself in person I put my feelings into a song dedicated to her.

RG: When was it you decided that music was your direction? Was it your passion for music? Personal experiences?

LB: Music was always going to be my direction from the age of 11 – 12. Whether I make it, or not I was still going to do it as it allows me to express my feelings. There’s certain scenarios that you can’t just talk about normally.

RG: Do you solely work on music? Or what were you doing before you started making music?

LB: I am a Uni student right now, and I own my own clothing brand called ‘Solsupply’, so I do everything I like pretty much.

RG: Did you see yourself in this genre? Is there any other genres or ventures you’d like to move into?

LB: I wouldn’t say I am in any genre I’d like to think of my self as a open artist for now. If I have a feeling in my heart I do it, if you look at other music I have done I always switch it up depending on my mood and how i am feeling. I want to stay true to myself, and express myself.

RG: If you had the choice of one artist who would you like to work with?

LB: That question is too hard for me to answer i have one too many.

RG: When do you like to write music and how do you write?

LB: I write better under pressure. If I know I have a studio session tomorrow, the closer I am to the hour the better I am.

RG: Without it sounding too cliche, how do you get in your ‘zone’ when writing?

LB: I picture myself back to what happened and try to see how everything was around me, then i write it down.

RG: Do you have any interest beyond music?

LB: I’m into fashion as I have my own clothing brand called , Solsupply. Thinking is one of my favourite hobbies, I’m always deep in thought.

Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 16.20.03.png

As you can tell, Lecs is an extremely creative individual and has a lot to offer, not just musically but in a variety of art forms. I advise everyone to check him out and not to sleep on him.  You can follow him on his social media accounts at the links below.

Instagram: @lecs_blvck // @solsupply

Twitter: @lecsblvck


HOT: @DapzOnTheMap – Shinobi (Part 1) [ Credits. @ThomasMellorUK @kyleSHOXbrown ]

The 0121 Champion has arrived. Dapz On The Map is back with a very dark tune, labelled Shinobi (Part 1). His ice cold flow compliments the very dark and eery beat produced by the talented Thomas Mellor.

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 17.39.52.png

Credits: @dapzonthemap [Instagram]

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Dapz, but it was definitely worth the wait. He promises us that his work in progress, Don’t Say A Word, is going to be the best music we’ve heard from him, and if Shinobi is anything to go by, then I’d say that he’s not lying. Very refreshing to hear the Brum Town legend back spitting and delivering us another top class piece of music.

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 17.22.36.png

Credits: @Dapzonthemap [Twitter]

Although the legend has been around since the come up we are still awaiting his first solo album. We all know our grime artists have their own lives to deal with but if Dapz’s previous projects and work are anything to go by then it will be more than worth the wait.

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 17.39.37.png

Credits: @dapzonthemap [Instagram]

Props must be given to Kyle Shox Brown who directed and filmed the very dark and edgy video. A very effective and engaging piece of art.

You can check out the fresh new video below:

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for Dapz On The Map’s album, Don’t Say A Word, which is coming this year!

AUDIO: @brysontiller – Don’t (@WSTRNmusic REMIX)

23 year old international superstar, Bryson Tiller, from Louisville, Kentucky has linked up with West London artists, Wstrn. Both Tiller and Wstrn finished 2015 on a serious high and have certainly carried it on into 2016.

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 21.06.38.png

Credits: @brysontiller [instagram]

Bryson Tiller took the global music industry by storm with his album, Trapsoul, and not only did he take the game by storm, but collected a huge fan base and continued to deliver exceptional pieces of work. After being co-signed by Drake and Timbaland he was elevated onto a major platform and delivered us Trapsoul which has sold almost 250,000 copies in the US. Not bad for his debut studio album.

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 21.07.42.png

Credits: @brysontiller [instagram]

Similarly, Wstrn had everyone in the UK bumping their hard track In2. The hit track became one of the most heard and most popular tracks of 2015, and have only gone on to create and influence some heavy tracks. They delivered us more fire with hit tracks such as ‘Best Friend’ and ‘Got Love’, and also gave us the remix to In2. It is safe to say that they have grown into one of the most popular collectives in the UK.

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 21.09.22.png

Credits: @wstrnmusic [instagram]

For me, Wstrn linking up with Bryson Tiller is an excellent move and you will not be disappointed with the end result of their collaboration. Listen  below:

HOT: @Che_Lingo – Channelling The Waves

South West London lyricist Che Lingo delivered us a fresh track yesterday with ‘Channelling The Waves’. After linking up with the heavy producer SJ Reid they got in the lab and created a very wavy track for us. SBTV brought the track direct to us from their YouTube channel and the views are growing.


Personally, I had not come across Che Lingo’s work before, but I am definitely not going to be sleeping on this one. He has a very big catalogue of art, and after taking some time out to listen and analyse his work I was very impressed and taken back by his skippy flow and wavy style. It’s about time this kid got the recognition he deserves. Props must be given to Jamal Edwards and the crew over at SBTV for showing Che Lingo so much love and giving him the platform to bring this heavy material to us.


You can check out the video to ‘Channelling The Waves’ and to see more of Che Lingo’s work head over to his website. Links below:



FRESH IN: @Teks_Sinatra ft. @Artist_JLav – Mona Lisa

Earlier this afternoon SBTV released the visuals to the big track ‘Mona Lisa’ by Teks Sinatra and J Lavaly.

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 18.49.03.png

The South London rapper comes at us with a very relaxed and mellow flow which is enhanced by J Lavaly’s powerful vocals. The simplistic hook engages you into the track and Teks heavy flow certainly has you gripped onto his clever wordplay.

Both Teks Sinatra and J Lavaly are making serious waves this year, and with their debut on SBTV we can be sure to see more of them.

You can check out the video and Teks’ soundcloud below:






FRESH IN: @JorjaSmith drops video for hit track ‘Blue Lights’

If the track didn’t take you on enough of a journey Jorja Smith and her team have delivered us some dope visuals for the internet sensation that is ‘Blue Lights’.


The video takes us on a journey of a black male who has a number pathways open to him. As we join this individual on the journey you discover the struggles of his every day life and the on going battle with modern society. Credits must be given to Drew Cox who directed this excellent piece of art. I feel that the directors concept and ideas for the video created a real natural connection with the story that Jorja’s was expressing to us. For me, I feel that the lyrics, instrumental and the powerful vocals have been matched by an exceptional piece of work.

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 18.49.12

Not only did Jorja release the video to Blue Lights this afternoon but the track was also made available for download on iTunes. Serious movements are being made by the Walsall raised star, and theres only bigger and better things to come.

Props must be given to i-D ,who premiered the video this afternoon. Drew Cox, for directing the video,  and once again Jorja for delivering us the track of 2016 thus far.

You can check the video out and download the track at the links below: